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Searching for and purchasing cheap car insurance needs to be done by anyone who drives a car in the state of Texas. Having the right amount of coverage will ensure that you are protected as well as any other parties involved should there be an accident.

When you’re looking for cheap car insurance, it’s a good idea for you to know that you need to provide some information in order to get quotes for cheap car insurance. This information is designed to help figure out what your risk level is so that a quote can be provided.

As a cheap car insurance consumer, you’ll want to first evaluate the companies before you give them this information. This might tell you in advance if you can expect to encounter problems in various parts of the process, such as with collecting a payout or with filing a claim, or if past consumers claim that the company failed to deliver as promised.

Examine Rating Companies

You’ll find a number of rating companies that give you free info on cheap car insurance companies and whether or not they are reliable enough to work with. Different companies have their own personal way of rating companies, which makes it important to look at more than one to draw your own informed conclusion.

Buyers need to know if a cheap car insurance company can afford to quickly pay out their claims within a reasonable amount of time.

Check Out Complaint Ratios

Another way to prevent yourself from working with an unreliable cheap car insurance company is to look at how prior consumers felt after dealing with them. When you’re shopping for cheap car insurance, you’ll want to look at the state insurance website to learn more about how many complaints were filed against a prospective company.

Whether you live in Texas or another state, it’s a good idea to keep checking your options each year. Be sure only to make the switch to another cheap car insurance company if you’re going to save a significant amount; otherwise, things can backfire if customer service is not up to par.

Compare and Shop Around

As a buyer, you’re in the best position to look around between different cheap car insurance companies, evaluating each one before deciding to interact. This is a step many seem to overlook, especially when their old policy has expired. Cheap car insurance buyers tend to blindly renew their policy without looking around when they could actually be saving money.

Avoid Low Deductibles

If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, one mistake you can avoid is keeping a low deductible. Keeping this number low usually means paying a bigger premium each month. Having a low deductible might also encourage you to make smaller claims, which might cause the cheap car insurance company to drop your coverage.

Seek All Possible Discounts

If you don’t tell your cheap car insurance company that you quality for a discount, you won’t get them. The list changes depending on which company you’re working with, but it can include having safety features installed on your car or just having a generally safe car assigned to the policy.

Consider Adding Collision and Comprehensive

The name of the game may be cheap car insurance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider adding on any other policy coverage options at all. This is especially true if you don’t own your car outright; you’ll have to expect to include these add-ons at the request of your lender.

In Texas, collision coverage will pay for the damage that your car incurs when another driver’s policy doesn’t cover the damage. Comprehensive will cover your payments should the car be damaged by flood, falling trees, animals, hurricanes, hail, fire or is stolen.

Adding on the deductible for these can run upwards of a grand in some cases, but the higher this value, the lower you’ll expect to pay for the annual premium. It’s a good idea to opt for the higher value, but it’s an equally good idea to make sure that amount is available in the event of an accident.

When your annual premium exceeds 10 percent of the cash value of your car, it’s a good rule of thumb to drop either collision or comprehensive coverage or even both.

Auto Insurance Texas 146

Fight Back Against The Increasing Cost Of Texas Homeowners Insurance

Nobody wants to find out that they’re paying more money for homeowners insurance in Texas. When you consider the fact that Texas already has a higher insurance premium than many other states, the news can be even more discouraging.

If you’re currently paying for homeowners insurance in Texas, understanding the reasoning behind the price increase might make you feel better. According to recent statistics, Texas is third on the national list for the most expensive homeowner’s insurance premiums.

The average annual cost of homeowners insurance Texas is almost $1,800. The bad news is that this amount is expected to continue to climb.

A Look at the Data

According to data from the Texas Department of Insurance, between 2010 and 2014, the cost of homeowners insurance in Texas grew by a staggering 26 percent. Currently, the only states that are more expensive for homeowners insurance are Florida and Louisiana.

As you can imagine, nobody is really happy about this data, but it does help to have a bigger picture of what is going on. According to Texas state officials, the dramatic rise in cost is due to violent weather. If insurance companies don’t raise their rates, then they’ll go out of business and won’t be able to offer you homeowners insurance in Texas.

The reality of the situation is that Texas is home to a wide range of catastrophic weather. To name a few, Texas experiences frequent flood damage, hail storms, strong winds, wildfires and droughts. In recent times, North Texas has become the target of several notable hailstorms, which can cause millions of dollars in damages.

According to some of the data, the Dallas-Fort Worth area was hit by two of the strongest, costliest hailstorms to have ever been recorded. Since these storms occurred about three years ago, they’re still fresh in the minds of many worried Texans.

The damage from these two major hailstorms exceeded $1.6 billion. Many thousands of Texans ended up paying for costly roof replacement. A number of homeowners who have homeowners insurance in Texas have filed lawsuits against insurance companies.

When you combine the lawsuits with the increased cost of roof repair, you end up with a dramatic rise in the average cost of homeowners insurance in Texas.

What is Causing Rates to Soar?

Many Texans are scratching their head and wondering what is causing the cost of homeowners insurance to rise to sharply. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, $1.8 billion dollars was paid for insurance claims in the first six months of 2015.

It’s quite rare for a single storm to dramatically impact insurance rates, but a string of serious weather events can do the trick. Although it’s impossible to predict the cost of homeowners insurance in Texas for next year, it’s safe to assume rates will probably go up.

Fortunately, the Texas Department of Insurance must approve rate increases. Most Texas insurance companies use data from the last 10 to 20 years when determining how many losses they’ve taken. The potential costs of past and future disasters are factored into the price of your premium.

Minimizing Price Increases

While it might all seem like doom and gloom, the increasing cost of homeowners insurance in Texas doesn’t have to be a depressing subject.

You can minimize the price increase that you experience by shopping around for coverage. Check local Texas insurance companies and try to find a cheaper policy. If you currently have homeowners insurance in Texas, you can raise your deductible.

By raising your deductible, you can reduce your premium by up to 20 percent. Another tip is to ask your insurance company for discounts because they almost always have discounts to offer.

Fight Back Against The Increasing Cost Of Texas Homeowners Insurance